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Featuring “Fusion Quartzite” in our Slab Yard

Now Available at the Granite Division Showcase Slab Yard! (903) 535-9000

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Choosing Outdoor Granite

It’s no tall tale that if you don’t like the weather in Texas: just blink because it’ll change – and most likely at the most inopportune time. Over the last ten years – the range has included Easter snow; Spending

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Marble Repair: Do I Dare…Try?

Marble is one of the most popular building materials throughout history for advanced civilizations; it boasts construction of such famous buildings as the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Washington Monument to name just a

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Does Size Count?

Well, one can look at this in many ways but not to be to risque this is a granite blog and yes size does matter! Why, because granite comes in limited sizes which may not fit your dream kitchens plans. All

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“No Return Policy” is Common Cents

You’ve selected your materials for your upcoming granite service or installation, the space for your counters has been measured and the template design is now complete. The big day arrives and starts with the installation team loading their gear on

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Seam-Phobia, Is It Really That Bad?

I guarantee there is not a fabricator alive who has not had to deal with a customer with “seam-phobia.” Occasionally you can find a kitchen that doesn’t need to have the stone seamed at some location but for the most

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Hue don’t bring me flowers… Hue don’t sing me love songs… Colorful lesson in choosing your granite

Breaking up IS hard to do, but when it comes to trying to blend with your same old, same old color palette for a remodel…. we tell our clients it’s time to stop living in the past. So if it’s

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Spring Cleaning & Granite or Stone Counters

Don’t forget your granite or natural stone work as you take on your Spring Cleaning this year. In fact, we advise you have your countertops inspected every two years by a professional. Meantime, here’s three things to lookout for that

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