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Three Reasons To Choose Quartzite

Pro Spotlight: 3 Reasons to Choose Quartzite Countertops

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Featuring “Fusion Quartzite” in our Slab Yard

Now Available at the Granite Division Showcase Slab Yard! (903) 535-9000

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DIY Stain Removal: The Rock Docs on NBC Tyler-Longview

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Marble: The Elegant Choice

Like any fine lady, car or home they all need their maintenance and count marble being right in line with the rest.  This is probably one of the warmer or softer looking choices for a stone presence, but will require

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Holiday Party Spills: Avoid the Pain of Stains

You’ve spent hours making sure you’re home is  spotless in time to throw the perfect holiday party! The house looks fabulous! Just remember no matter how careful your guests are: there’s always one whom WILL spill and it’s never water… As

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High Fashion Finishes: Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Fashion goes in and out of style and what is available as finish on stone is different. Originally you would see stone finished in more of a rough cut or honed finish simply because it was just not possible to

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Choosing Outdoor Granite

It’s no tall tale that if you don’t like the weather in Texas: just blink because it’ll change – and most likely at the most inopportune time. Over the last ten years – the range has included Easter snow; Spending

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker… Find Me A Match!

For two decades now researchers have been looking into the laws of attraction and symmetry.  In humans, some studies say it comes down to survival of the fittest as balanced facial features are linked to good health and fertility. Now…

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  I was just sitting here writing a bit and as usual I drift a little and think of various issues that seem to be constant at our shops. Today it is waste! I don’t mean anything nasty or trashy

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Marble Repair: Do I Dare…Try?

Marble is one of the most popular building materials throughout history for advanced civilizations; it boasts construction of such famous buildings as the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Washington Monument to name just a

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