Marble: The Elegant Choice

10648843_895603707119384_5303339496357484600_oLike any fine lady, car or home they all need their maintenance and count marble being right in line with the rest.  This is probably one of the warmer or softer looking choices for a stone presence, but will require greater care and upkeep than a granite. Marble is primarily Calcium based and highly subject to etching by anything acidic.It is much softer than a granite and can scratch easily in comparison. During the fabrication process it can and often will break especially if you are cutting any narrow and long pieces such as a splash or trim. These areas are easily repaired & refinished and done quite often in the industry.

There are some materials called granite that can break just as easily and the same repair process is done. Unless the piece is just aesthetically non-pleasing and an obvious repair you can expect your fabricator to utilize it rather than cut a new piece. Often veining is matched specifically and even a new piece would throw of the entire flow of a project so it’s better to do a quality repair and use it.

bergfeld 3


Use warm soapy water to clean. No harsh chemicals should be used: so try Dove Dishwashing Soap. Scrub with a soft cloth, rinse and wipe then buff dry with another soft cloth.


There are several products out there such as Granite Division Inc. CPR that can be used weekly to clean as well as add a soft silky feel and light seal. These are not harsh and will not damage your stone’s sealer that was applied upon installation.


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