Holiday Party Spills: Avoid the Pain of Stains

You’ve spent hours making sure you’re home is  spotless in time to throw the perfect holiday party! The house looks fabulous! Just remember no matter how careful your guests are: there’s always one whom WILL spill and it’s never water…images-14

As your natural stone restoration and maintenance specialists: we’ve got expert tips today on what to do when Uncle Larry spills his red wine all over your new marble countertops… or Little Suzy dumps her (red) kool aid on the matching white tiled floors of your kitchen.

ANY cloth, sponge or paper towel is fine to wipe up a spill, the key is to clean it before it has a chance to soak in. The sealer applied to granite or marble allows time to do this but will not prevent something from penetrating if it is left on for long periods of time. Depending on the sealer applied and the type of spill it can be from 2 hours to overnight before the spill would break down or penetrate the sealer if at all. On an unprotected stone it can range from almost immediately to an hour before a spill would soak in depending on the porosity of that particular stone.

If the spill has had time to penetrate the surface and set then the methods of removal vary depending on the type of material and stain. A poultice of flour and hydrogen peroxide is good for most food stains, oil is best with dish washing detergent or a solvent such as MEK although this works quickly it is rather harsh and smelly.

For organic stains such as molds and mildews a poultice made from bleach is affective. In most cases it is good to leave the poultice on for 24 hr and may require more than one application based on how long the stain has set and what it is. There may also be a need to polish the surface after a stain is removed especially with marble, limestone and travertine. Anything calcium based that an acidic substance such as cola can etch.

images-15There is no real difference in cleaning a porcelain or ceramic tile. The grout is what would stain not the tile itself as these are pretty much stain proof unless they have been heavily scarred and worn. Cleaning grout usually takes elbow grease and time.Vinegar and ammonia is one mixture, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda another. The easiest method is to buy an over the counter cleaner that already incorporates the proper chemicals and ratios. After that, scrub.


1)Make sure your natural stone surfaces and your grout are sealed. you can check this by dripping some water on the surface and seeing if it beads up like a waxed car. If so you have a sealer applied if not it will start to soak in rather quickly based on the stones porosity but will dry out in time.
2) If you have a spill wipe it up immediately: take no chances!
3) Coasters are always a good thing to use especially if you have one of the softer materials such as marble.Stain-Proof-1

By the way… The Rock Docs highly recommend Dry Treat sealers. These are the best we’ve found to help protect our customer’s investment in their natural stonework and come with a  15-year or 25-year warranty.



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