High Fashion Finishes: Here Today Gone Tomorrow

Fashion goes in and out of style and what is aUnknown-1vailable as finish on stone is different. Originally you would see stone finished in more of a rough cut or honed finish simply because it was just not possible to get a high polish on it with the available tools. Remember…..stone has been used for centuries and the first finishing machines were men with hand tools and rocks!

With the birth of the industrial age people learned how to polish stone, yet the equipment was very expensive and costly to operate so only the very wealthy or commercial projects used high polished materials.  Just over the past two decades has the industrial diamond come into play and now it is very common to see highly polished granite and marble in all kinds of places and at reasonable costs.

So much so that I find myself often taking the high polish off ofmaterial to provide finishes ranging from honed to leathered which are not readily available in the market because everyone has geared up to provide highly polished materials. And so,fashion yet again has come full circle as I stand here looking at 25 slabs of marble my customer wants me to remove all of the polish from.

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